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Goal Setting: Using Hypnosis to Help You Achieve Success

Awhile back I posted about being clear on your goals, after all you cannot achieve something if you are unclear as to what it is that you want.  This week I would like to comment about using Hypnosis to achieve these now clearly defined goals.

Within Hypnotherapy and other modalities there is a technique called Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  This is a technique in which language (speech and body) are used to specifically communicate what is desired.  For example, you state what is wanted instead of what is NOT wanted.  "I don't want to be fat"  becomes "I am at MY most perfect and healthy weight".  Our minds do not process negative statements the way you would expect.  By using words like "don't, can't, try and but" (which you should eliminate from your vocabulary) your mind gets confused and instead hears the sentence without the negative attached to it; "I don't want to be fat" is heard as "I want to be fat".

neurolinguistic programming Venn diagaram

When you are speaking about your goals concentrate on the sensory experience that you will have upon achieving the goal.  This is like the dreamy look and feeling you get when describing the perfect partner, or how excited you become when talking about what you will do when you win the lottery.  If you have difficulty in finding a sensory experience when talking about your goal, perhaps it needs to be refined so that you can become excited about it.  Daydreaming helps to make what you want a reality, assuming that the goal is reasonably attainable.  Goals need to be the right size - challenging and doable.

SMART goal chart

Hypnosis is a remarkable way to assist you in your goal achievement.  Through the use of techniques such as Anchoring the practitioner can give you physical cues that will reinforce the positive changes that you desire to create for yourself.  Your dreams can become a reality. (Except for winning the lottery, still attempting to perfect this ... ;-) )

If you would like to discuss how Hypnosis can help you attain success, you can contact me through one of the means below with questions.

Blessings, Sydney

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