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There is always room for improvement, right? I am writing this on the event of the first full moon of 2023. Many people believe the full moon is pregnant with possibility. Others feel it is a time to release the things which hold us back from being our best, or being better. The New Year is also a time when people resolve to make changes in their lives in order to have, do, and be the things they desire.

Along the way to having, doing, and being there is often discouragement and frustration when we feel progress is not being made at the pace we would desire. This leads many times to giving up and thinking we are just not capable of change.

Society puts a lot of pressure on us to compete with those whom it holds up as the examples of what a successful, charming, and perfect being should have, do, and be. What I would like to share with you in this piece is we are always in a state of flux. There is never a point where any of us reach perfection, because the ideal does not exist. In all of our lives there will forever be more to learn and grow from. We evolve in layers.

In my practice I use hypnosis to aid people in their growth and evolution. I want to emphasize here that this post is not an advertisement for my services. Rather, I want to share just one of the tools available to you to aid in attaining your goals.

(In case you may be one of the people who think hypnotherapy is just a pseudoscience, at the bottom of this post I have a links which outline scientific, peer reviewed studies which show hypnotherapy has a great deal of positive effect with regard to treating pain, aiding in healing from surgeries, cancer, dental phobias, and depression. I also have links to other articles published in scientific journals which support the claims made.)

Getting back to how hypnosis might help you in your own quest to have, do, and be all the things you desire; sometimes our thoughts and experiences in our lives can create a kind of schism within our beliefs which can hinder our ability to move in the direction we want. I will use smoking as an example. Anyone who can read knows smoking is hazardous to our health. If you are my age you grew up with smoking ads which purported smoking to be something which would calm your nerves and act as an aid to weight loss. In fact, smoking has no possibility of helping you relax because it is a vasoconstrictor, and it actually raises your blood pressure. The nervous energy which results is why it can be said to be a weight loss aid, when you are hyper you don't think about eating. Just because I love sharing information ... did you know nicotine is one of the most poisonous compounds created? If you give a mere thimble full of nicotine to a fully grown horse (1500 lbs.) it will die within 15 minutes. Therefore, tobacco companies only put mere traces of nicotine in each cigarette so that chain smokers don't die.

I have used this merely as an example of one of the things people often come to me with in their quest to live healthier lives. I could list so many more. The point I wish to make is you have more control over those things you may feel obstruct you than you may think.

Our brains are basically computers, sometimes they get viruses. We are all subject to the experiences we have, and each experience has the ability to change our view of ourselves and the world, sometimes for good and other times for less good. Hypnosis is equivalent to taking your computer in to have the hard drive cleaned of viruses and put back to the factory presets.

If you decide to try hypnotherapy to aid you in your pursuits of having, doing, and being; there are somethings to know. In the state of Washington hypnotherapy is not regulated. Anyone who reads a book can call themselves a hypnotherapist. We are not licensed. Just like with your computer you want to check out the person you are considering and ask about their training. Get referrals from those you may know who have done this. Don't be afraid. Hypnotherapy does not make you do anything you would not ordinarily do. It simply frees you from the limiting beliefs you may have.

I hope this article has been helpful to you, and if you have any questions I am here. May the new year bring you abundance in all good things.


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@asenseofpeace (Instagram)


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