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Pandemic Depression

During this time when we have been distancing ourselves from anyone except family and co-workers, something other than the Coronavirus has been infecting us. There is no denying that this current pandemic has altered our lives significantly. We are facing all manner of challenges having to do with our daily routine, our interactions with others, school schedules, working from home, and keeping our own mental health in check.

How long since you have been able to hug someone other than those who live with you? The society we were living in prior to this breakout was already touch starved, and it is even worse now. I work primarily as a massage therapist. I have had more than one client on my table who has remarked that they don't know what they are more grateful for; the massage, or the fact that they are being given human contact.

At the root of every illness and psychological condition lives STRESS. Every single health issue that we deal with in our lives begins its journey within us as stress. This pandemic has caused more stress for people in every area of their lives, and if we do not address the stress and deal with it we are likely to have an even larger health crisis once the Virus is contained. Coping with stress is vitally important, and currently almost impossible to focus on. So what can you do?

My first recommendation is to stay away from the news. Certainly you need to follow things that have an impact on you such as what level of re-opening we are at, how much more snow is forecast, and information on where to go for immunizations and testing. The current state of politics, and information designed to create a sense of fear is unnecessary. We can't do anything about them other than vote, and call or write our representatives and senators. I suggest giving yourself a break from social media except to watch cat videos. Truly. Cats are pros when it comes to being indifferent and relaxing. Here are some images of my grand-kitties to get you started. They are in their Halloween costumes.

Other things that help with this unique depression are to take care of your body. Make sure to balance your time so that you can get the self-care you need. Video chat with those whom you miss. Everyday do something, for at least an hour that recharges your batteries. Most importantly if you feel that you are not handling things as you want to, find someone to talk to.

This pandemic has also created its own special kind of grief. We are all grieving the loss of places of business that have had to permanently close their doors. We grieve the loss of those who have succumbed to the illness, and we grieve the loss of our lifestyles which have had to be so drastically altered.

I am including a link here to an article with an extensive list of resources to have on hand. Remember that this won't last forever, so hang in there.


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