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The Fruit of the Rose

I live alone. During this time of social distancing I have become acutely aware of my thoughts and feelings, (you can only spend so much time binge watching, cleaning and reorganizing things) since I have no one in the house to discuss them with I have decided to share them here.

The Fruit of the Rose is a term given to a point in your life where that thing that you planted in your consciousness before you incarnated, surfaces as a reminder that it is time to wake up. Individual "Fruit of the Rose" moments occur during times of facing your mortality, (such as many are doing now as we make our way through Covid-19), the birth / death of a child, or really any defining moment that triggers a realization of your destiny.

Life has delivered two of these moments to me. The first was the death of my son in 2008, and the second came after what could have been a fatal auto accident. Both of these moments activated something in me that brought clarity and definition to my life. Prior to these events, I was just making my way through life trying to make enough money to pay my bills and have a little fun. Helping people to better health was my focus, however only in a superficial way.

Subsequently it became clear that I had a greater purpose and I believe that is to help people to look within themselves so that they may also discover what their "Fruit of the Rose" is. Hypnotherapy and Grief Counseling help me to do this, and each of them came about as a result of the events described above.

I can't help but wonder if our planet is not now going through its own "Fruit of the Rose" moment. Every aspect of how we live, work, and survive has been altered by the pandemic of Covid-19. Systems of government, employment, care-giving, education, and social interaction are vastly different than they were a few weeks ago. Perhaps this is our planet saying "I am discovering my own greater purpose and destiny". When this is all over it is my dream that we will continue the kindness and community that has developed. How wonderful it would be if people continued in the way they are now to serenade from their balconies, do drive by parades for little children whose birthday parties had to be cancelled, offer to pick up and deliver food for those who cannot go out, feed the homeless, and check in on the elderly.

What do you think? Have you experienced your "Fruit of the Rose" moment yet? I would love it if you would share in the comments if you feel that you have had this defining moment, and how it may have changed you. Until next time then, I wish for you all every happiness, and will continue to send out healing and love to the world. When this is over, may we all be better for the experience.

(You may find out more about the Fruit of the Rose by visiting The Time of the Sixth Sun and Geoffrey Hoppe.


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